Collocation chủ đề TRAVELLING

?1.To be in the middle of nowhere: Ở một nơi xa xôi hẻo lánh

Amazon river is not a kind of being in the middle of nowhere, it’s famous for its wild scene, a wide variety of animal and attract a lot of explorer every year.


  1. Off the beaten track: Vùng xa, bí hiểm, chưa ai biết đến

Exploring the wood to some people is going to a place which is off the beaten track, but to me, as a fan of exploring, I get used to it and like it.


  1. Peak season/ Low season: mùa cao điểm/ mùa thấp điểm

On peak season, costs of hotel and other services in scheduled place are getting higher. Sometimes, if you don’t book in advance, you may not have any room to stay.


  1. Scheduled beach: bãi biển vắng người

But frankly speaking, I would rather enjoy the scheduled beach’s view than anything else.


  1. Tourist trap: Nơi thu hút đông khách du lịch

I have a feeling that being in a Tourist trap, I am inconvenient because of the noise and the crowd there.


  1. Have a thirst for adventure: niềm đam mê du lịch, khám phá

Having a thirst for adventure, I would like to explore new place, which hasn’t been known before.


  1. Dominate the landscape: nơi cao nhất

Khalifa tower of Dubai dominates the landscape in the world.


  1. To be an eye-opener: trải nghiệm giúp mở mang tầm mắt

That journey to the most far off the beaten track is an eye-opener to me, I have learnt a lot from this experience.


  1. Discover new culture and cuisine: Khám phá nền văn hoá, ẩm thực

Thailand is reputed for its unique in culture and custom. Once you have time to visit here, you should discover new culture and cuisine, try everything and make it as your own memory.


  1. Escape the daily routine: thoát khỏi cuộc sống thường nhật

When you have free time, you should escape the daily routine, stand up and go for a travelling, adapt yourself to the adventure and relax.


  1. Capture the beauty of: lưu giữ lại vẻ đẹp của

My Nikon is the best mate of me. He always accompanies and captures the beauty of scenery or breathtaking view in my trip.


  1. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city: tránh khỏi ồn ào náo nhiệt ở thành phố

Make best use of your time to free yourself from loads of works, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by going on a vacation with bestie or homie.


  1. Go backpacking: du lịch bụi

When I was a student at university, I and my homies often go backpacking once every 2 month to a trekking place for new experience


  1. Package deal = package tour = package holiday: du lịch trọn gói

Family often chooses package tour as for its convenient for all of the advanced booking and available services.


  1. Red-eye flight: chuyến bay muộn ban đêm

Having not booked in advanced, all of the seats were full, therefore, I have to choose the red-eye flight back to my hometown.


  1. Call it a day: kết thúc những hoạt động của một ngày, trở về phòng, khách sạn

After a full day with meaningful activities for teambuilding, everyone may get tired. We should call it a day, shower and relax, then gather in the front door for night camping!


  1. Bright and early/ first thing: sáng sớm tinh mơ.

We’ll need to leave bright and early to catch the first ferry to the island


18.Set off on one’s travels: Bắt đầu chuyến du lịch

We should go to sleep early tonight because we must set off on our travels earlier than planned.


19 Pack one’s bags: Thu xếp hành lý chuẩn bị đi chơi

Everyone should be ready, buy everything you need, bring them along and pack all things in your bags before a long day vacation.


  1. Fleabag motel/roach motel: một phòng trọ giá rẻ, tồi tàn.

Being cheated by the appearance of this motel, we have booked full week staying here. When moving to the room, it’s really a fleabag motel.

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